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Yes for Alachua Schools

The state of

Alachua County School Facilities


$170 million has been cut from Alachua County School facilities by the legislature over the past decade, while enrollment has grown.


29,000 students walk in every day to classrooms with broken AC’s, leaking roofs, and portables. Research shows this hurt their education, our quality of life, and our economic growth.


The average school is over 41 years old, with outdated classrooms and many schools over capacity. This leaves our children more vulnerable and less safe.

A local solution to a statewide crisis

What you’ll see on your ballot:

County Referenda 2

Half-Cent Sales Surtax to Improve School facilities

Shall the School Board of Alachua County levy a half-cent sales surtax to finance safety and security improvements; repair, renovation and remodeling of Board-owned schools, including modernization of classrooms, science labs and other spaces; technology; elimination of portable classrooms; new construction; land acquisition and improvement; and other school facilities projects; with oversight by an independent citizens’ committee? The tax would begin January 1, 2019, and last twelve years.

The Half-Cent was designed around


Every school deserves to see the benefits of this tax, which is why every school will see a major project within the first five years. The projects are decided by parents, teachers, and school experts to find the top needs from each school.


Transparency is the centerpiece of the half-cent for Alachua Schools. Every dollar spent will be fully open to the public and overseen by an independent citizens’ board.

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Your questions about the half-cent, answered!


See the projects slated for your school!

Why Facilities Matter

See the research on school facilities and how improving them improves our whole community.

What a School of the Future Looks Like

See some examples of “Schools of the Future”

By the Numbers

$22 Million

Per year going to our schools


The monthly cost for the average Alachua County household



More than a third the funding will be paid by visitors from outside of Alachua County.


Jobs will be created every year according to infrastructure research by Standard & Poors.

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